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Decalcifier without current

The water softener works automatically and intelligently. It uses food-grade cationic resin to soften the water, with high flow and good softening effect, efficiently reducing the Ca and Mg ion content of tap water. Once the resin is saturated, the regeneration function will automatically control the recovery process of the water softening function. The equipment will automatically perform the functions of Backwash, Regeneration, Water Loading to manufacture Brine and Quick Wash, without manual operations. The control valve has an LCD display with icons and a control and adjustment menu, easily intuitive. The user can configure the parameters and perform operations according to the icons of the different menus that appear on the screen.  

955.90 €

Water source with hot water production

- Dispenser with open dispensing area - LED operating light indicators - Pressurized 4-stage osmosis - Membrane OI 75 GPD - Electronic control circuit - Separate tanks. - Hot (1.8L) - Environment (5L) - Cold (1.8L) - Compressor cooling - Water drainage container - Water outlet protection - Water leak alarm - Protection for children. Hot water button can be blocked - CE Certification

1,338.06 €

Osmosis Beverly

Capacity:8,3 l/h With pump:yes Working pressure:Between 1 and 3 bar Working temperature:Between 5 and 35 °C Height:405 mm Width:240 mm Depth:490 mm Tank capacity:9.5 l

648.35 €

Direct Flow Osmosis

Reference Osmotic water flow. For 25 ºC and 3 bar Rejection flow. For 25 ºC and 3 bar Working pressure (min-max) Working temperature (min-max) Tank capacity O.I. membrane Total power Water input pH water input TDS water input (ppm) Chlorine inlet (mg/L) Turbidity water inlet (NTU) Product dimensions (mm) Packaging dimensions (mm) Net weight (Kg) Direct osmosis Montana Klinwass 2150020130 Up to 1.8 L/min 0.8 L/min 1 - 4.0 bar 4 - 38 ºC Does not incorporate tank 1 x 700GPD 80W Municipal drinking water 6.5 - 8.5 < 750 < 1 < 1.0 460 x 132 x 420 540 x 280 x 540 10.6 approx.

860.00 €